We’re living through bitterly divisive times, but despite increasingly fractious and polarized partisan faultlines, we can all agree on the fact that the Constitution is vitally important.

Our take on the 230-year-old document puts a twist on the classic red and blue color palette, using pink paper and “Federal Blue” ink. The 7” x 10” book contains three sections with the Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27 placed in the middle.


While the For the People Project began with a Constitution redesign, the book was really just the beginning. From the start, we aspired to engage as many people as possible about the Constitution and its importance in our everyday lives.

Now we’re finding ways to help ensure the document stays on the minds of as many citizens as we can. And we’re working with several partners to get a copy of our redesigned Constitution into the hands of as many of the nation’s students as possible.