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Your vote wasn't just for you. It was for all of us. And in order to truly make it count, we must stay engaged to keep up momentum for the next four years and beyond. In For the People, top creatives explore the contribution of their work to the world around them.

How will you pay your community back?
They're counting on you.

I'm divesting in the
dollar... and
investing in the
community. That's
all that we have.

Mark Cross
Stay Engaged

The presidential election happens once every four years, but important local elections are ongoing. You have a say in who serves on the City Council, School Board and in the Courts, and can vote for ballot measures like taxes, election policies and all things marijuana.

Support Local

In a world where everything is one click away, keep your money in the community by supporting local restaurants, small businesses and the work of those around you.

Invest in Community

Don’t just exist in your community, coexist in it. Donate, volunteer, get to know your neighbors  and make it your home.

When you're a
representative of
the people, you
don't tell the people
what to do. They tell
you what to do.

Paperboy Prince

“We in America
do not have
government by the
majority. We have
government by the
majority who

Thomas Jefferson

My vision of the
Constitution is that
it's written for all
the people of

Samantha Black

“The greatness of a
community is most
accurately measured by
the compassionate
actions of its members.”

Coretta Scott King

I can't think of
anything more
American than what
I'm doing, which is
speaking your mind.

Edel Rodriquez

“One person can
make a difference,
and everyone
should try.”

John F. Kennedy

The prioritization
of money before
people absolutely
must shift.

Jack Ferver

What would you do with 1 copy of the Constitution?

What would you do with 10,000 copies of the Constitution?

Thank you

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