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The For the People Project kicked off in 2016 as ThoughtMatter's creative response to the rapid disintegration of political discourse in the U.S. We were hearing more about the U.S. Constitution in the news than ever before–a document many people reference but surprisingly few have actually read.

How can we use design and branding to make this important–yet rarely read–text feel contemporary and accessible?

What started out as giving America’s founding document a brand new look quickly grew to be much more.

We raised more than $20,000 in funds to print, ship and donate copies of our redesigned Constitution, exceeding our Kickstarter goal. Twice.

Through public support and partnerships, we were able to reach 70 American schools in 55 cities (and counting).

On National Constitution Day, we organized the We the People poster exhibition, curating eleven interpretations of the Preamble and Bill of Rights from art and design heavyweights.

We made stickers and buttons. We wheatpasted posters. We even got "Quiz Daddy" Scott Rogowsky to help us interview citizens on the street.

Today, For the People is a place for us to experiment with and challenge ideas around the U.S. Constitution, and the American public and beyond explore what it means to be a citizen.

Haven’t read the Constitution yet?

We get it. All those words when you could literally be doing anything else. Maybe check out our version. There’s no time like the present.

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What would you do with 1 copy of the Constitution?

What would you do with 10,000 copies of the Constitution?

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