In early 2017, we began exploring concepts to redesign the U.S. Constitution. We used an original, unaltered transcript of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27 from the National Archives, without any interpretations or commentary. This means that other than a fresh new look, the document’s content has not been changed in any way.


The Kickstarter


We launched a Kickstarter campaign for the project on July 4, 2017, with a goal to send copies of our redesigned U.S. Constitutions to as many schools, libraries and government officials across the country as possible. In less than one week, the project had surpassed its initial $8,000 goal and was named a “Project We Love” by Kickstarter’s curation team. We knew we could do a lot more in the campaign's remaining days, so we stretched our goal to $15,000—and reached it.


To drive project support we offered several unique backer rewards.

Since our Kickstarter campaign, the project has continued to gain momentum, becoming a movement we’re hoping will continue to grow and live on through events and other efforts.