We The Future


The We the Future exhibit is the culmination of a semester of lessons, activities and projects at Léman Manhattan Preparatory School that focused on the U.S. Constitution. The curriculum was created by several Léman Manhattan faculty members who collaborated across disciplines and departments on new and exciting ways to educate students about the document, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of the rights it gives them and what it means to be an American citizen or resident.

We the Future brings together the artwork from ThoughtMatter’s traveling exhibition along with original Constitution-inspired work from Léman Manhattan students.

It will be on show by appointment only from January 17 – February 16 at Léman Manhattan’s Morris Art Gallery. If you are interested in viewing the exhibit, please contact us at info@forthepeopleproject.org.

This project pushed our students to reach beyond a single content area to make connections and engage in interdisciplinary learning that fosters critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, and more.
— Lisa Nowicki, Director of Fine Arts