Redesigned Constitution

Redesigned Constitution


Our redesigned version of the Constitution is meant to make the document more aesthetically pleasing, exciting to leaf through and easy to read. Our book includes three different-sized sections bound together. The smallest, outermost section contains the Constitution’s Preamble. The mid-sized, innermost section contains the Bill of Rights and Amendments 11– 27. The largest section is sandwiched between the two and contains the bulk of the Constitution’s text — Articles 1-7. 

The books are Riso printed by Risolve using soy-based ink on French Pink Lemonade paper. Risograph printers were commonly used in schools and government offices in the 1990s as a cost-effective alternative to offset printing.

We used an original, unaltered transcript of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27 from the National Archives, without any interpretations or commentary — meaning the document’s content has not been changed in any way.

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